Thursday, 19 January 2012

Baking Love

Two people stand at a bus stop. One is a cauliflower, the other is a block of cheese. They are people though, don't think of them any less because they are edible, so are we after all if you're that way inclined. Stop interrupting me I'm telling you a story.

So they are waiting for a bus in silence because they aren't of an age where strangers would talk, more part of the listen to your Ipod and don't make eye contact generation. Cheese eyes up Cauliflower from top to bottom 'lovely florets' it thinks to itself 'the things I'd do to that'.

Several minutes pass and the bus shows no signs of turning up and Cauliflower feels slightly uneasy with the amorous Cheese. It knows it shouldn't meddle with dairy; they're from different backgrounds and yet deep down it loves the attention. Cheese moves in for the kill. 'Excuse me, are you Cauliflower? I'm Cheese. Look I know I sound a bit forward but for some reason I'm really attracted to you, I just want to spread myself all over you and I dunno... melt'

Cauliflower can't believe what it has just heard, it's mind is blown. There it was waiting for a bus to town and now it's been propositioned with cooking. It's never cooked before, it's always been told the first time can be painful but Cheese is so alluring, it has swagger, it has it 'goin on' as a gangsta cucumber would say.

Cheese pleads 'Look I'm a big hunk of dairy, and you're the finest vegetable I've ever seen. Come back to mine so I can rip of them leaves and get at them storks'

Cauliflower blushes.. somehow and before they could think it through they were in Cheese's bedroom. Two strange contraptions lay on the floor one a large Rangemaster oven and another smaller device. 'Oh my a Rangemaster!' Cauliflower gushes. 'Oh yeah, I work in the city' brags Cheese.

Cheese moves himself towards the smaller device; a fondue maker and switches it on. A dull whirring sound fills the room. 'Cauliflower I want you to strip'

'What is this?'
'Foreplay baby, do a sexy dance for me while I have a dip.'

Soft saxophone music plays in the background as the vegetable moves awkwardly, the odd leaf peeling away in rhythm while Cheese dips a corner in the fondue, melts a bit off and flicks it at Cauliflower. It's a wonderful sensation for the timid flora, feeling the goop graze her florets. 'Let's take this to the oven Cheese! I want you!'

Cheese is disappointed to cut off the foreplay but concedes the time is now. They climb aboard and the fan kicks in. 'Why isn't it hot yet?' says Cauliflower.

'It has to warm up first, I was going to pre-heat it but you rushed me.'
'Sorry I'm not sure if I'm feeling it now I think the moment has passed.' 
'No no, please I'll have it going in a couple of minutes, let's talk dirty or something.'
'I don't think this is a good idea. I don't even know you Cheese'
'Hey, I'm a very mature cheese and we're gonna bake love whether you like it or not.'

Cauliflower mulls over what to do, while slowly the temperature increases, maybe when it heats up proper it'll be back in the mood. It is a Rangemaster oven and Cheese is very mature; potent even. The fan noise grows louder and it turns to face Cheese, this is the moment they will combine, a food fusion it'll cherish forever. Cheese leans in but an expression of panic strikes as it struggles for grip, dripping through the grill and collapsing fast. 'Quick, kiss me Cauliflower! Let me cover you in my yellowy goop!' Cauliflower freezes (not literally, it is a fan-assisted oven) and Cheese wails as it slips all the way through the grill finally collecting itself again at the bottom of the oven, crisping by the second. Cauliflower screams in disgust trying to exit the oven but trapped going brown on top 'My florets my beautiful florets! What's happening?'

Cheese sobs 'I'm sorry this normally never happens, honest. Please don't tell anyone, I have a reputation.'

Sufficiently burned solid again, Cheese gets them out of the oven. Charred and disappointed they part ways. Cauliflower does not leave a number and goes about the rest of it's day, re-attaching leaves for modesty and to cover it's scars. Cheese is ruined, a successful city trader faced with major surgery to restore its smooth surfaces and calcium structure. The oven was too much for them and it was nearly the end of them.

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Joshua Smith said...

This ... Is a story which makes you feel dirty for reading a glorified side dish recipe , however immense imagination was used , fantastic structure and a great example of personification , Gratz phillip ... Gratz indeed