Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Cooking in the name of

Coca-Gammon with smashed potatoes


1 or 1.5kg- of Gammon unsmoked

1 White onion

2l Coca-Cola (No value or diet nonsense)

Golden Syrup

New potatoes


Chicken stock




Right to start wop out your gammon and plonk it in the biggest pan you've got, position it so that the skin is face down. Take your onion and chop it in half, bung that in the pan too. Take your bottle of coke and empty it into the pan. You don't have to use the whole bottle so save yourself enough for a glass as your own tasty beverage. Please, I insist. Get that to boiling point then cover that shit up, let it bubble away nicely and leave it alone for about an hour and 3/4. If it's a bigger joint then add an hour for each kilo you cook.

Take your Garlic and pick off 6 cloves, peel and chop them in half. Leave to one side. Take your spuds and use enough as if you were just cooking mash. DO NOT PEEL THEM! Just cut them in half if they're a bit hench. Put that all in a pan but leave it alone for now because your gammon's got ages left to cook. You've now got the next hour to yourself at least so put your feet up. You've got Grand Designs Sky +ed go watch that.

That house turned out well didn't it? Especially after they went over budget and fell out with the builders. Anyways back to dinner, stick a big fork in your gammon. Piping? Drain that bad boy and plonk it on a chopping board, you can save the stock if you want to, don't know what you'd do with it though. Get your spuds and garlic going, for about 15-20 mins you'll know when they're done when they slide off the fork when you prod them.

But going back a bit while they were boiling your joint of gammon was sitting there all lonely. Preheat your oven to full whack, whatever gas mark that is and get two big dollops of golden syrup and start lubing up your pork. Haha.

Now you have your glazing, you can use black treacle and cloves instead if you want to be posh. But golden syrup was the best thing I had to hand and it turned out well for me. Stick the kettle on.

Drain the spuds and garlic when done and your gammon should be in the oven by now in a foil lined tray; I don't have to tell you that. Just take it out in about 10 mins. Back to your spuds, keep it all in the pan and PUT THE MASHER DOWN! Sorry I just knew what you were about to do. Take a wooden spoon and with the back side of it give each little spud a punch in the face so they break apart slightly, then put a chicken stock cube in a jug and pour your boiled water to make a little stock but not much pour a squidge into the pan with a couple of tablespoons of butter and start mixing it gently, then add another squidge of milk just to moisten it up further enough so it gets soaked up. Spray some herbs over it and remove your gammon from the oven. Carve, serve, enjoy do some peas and a fried egg if want some more on your plate or if you're feeling classy garnish with some pithy salad instead.

I meant to take a picture of mine but I forgot. Sorry. But please try it though and tell me what you thought! If you don't like it blame Nigella Lawson.