Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Petrol Station Flowers

I got you some flowers

Some petrol station flowers

They smelt like greener diesel

They hadn't seen the sun for hours

I wasn't very organized

So those plants were my surprise

They only cost a small amount

I put them on the joint account

Your petrol station flowers

Those slightly flammable flowers

Please don't put your lighter there

I've got some pollen in my hair

Don't dump them on my office chair

There's a perfectly good vase right there

Petrol station flowers

Dissolving in the shower 

The next day your still mad me

I spoiled our anniversary

More so when I burned the tea

Just left with bread and mushy peas

Petrol station flowers

Instead of Alton Towers

She wanted just a nice day out

I said I'm skint, she said 'but how?'

I bought a new trombone online

She shoved it where the sun don't shine

A bum note then she said goodbye

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Dolph Lundgren Q&A

Not much of a blog but just came out of an Empire webchat with Dolph Lundgren, Swedish man-mountain action star from Rocky IV, The Expendables, Universal Soldier etc. There's a picture of him learning to climb stairs. He's one of those run before you walk types... Seriously though from the various other questions he answered from others he came across as really down-to-earth and self deprecating. Much like Stallone seems. Plus he's proud of his work and his family is his greatest achievement so thats nice isn't it?

I managed two questions and in hindsight they aren't great. But anyway this is it:

philsavory says (13:02:00):
What do you eat for breakfast? standard stuff or a bowlful of nails and gravel?

Dolph Lundgren says to (13:02):
I'll try that bowl maybe one day, otherwise I'll go for the scrambled eggs.

philsavory says (13:31:47):
Is it true you could've been in the running man? Any other near misses for famous roles in the past?

Dolph Lundgren says to (13:33):
I think Running Man I have a faint memory of talking to someone about that before Arnold did it. Let's see. Not really. I know I read Gladiator way before Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe were involved, and I didn't like it much because it didn't have much action and was like a Greek play. I suppose that was stupid - I should have read it twice. It changed, it was a different movie, but still. Otherwise, not really.

So there you have it, he turned down Gladiator.. sort of. Makes you wonder what a Dolph Lundgren version would be like. Other things learned are that he has a degree in chemical engineering (which helps with his diet) and he is a keen drummer.