Saturday, 24 October 2009

Belated BNP thoughts...

So I know it's a couple of days old but I'm lazy and well the subject isn't going to go away anytime soon.

BNP party leader Nick Griffin managed to grab himself an invite onto BBC Question Time Thursday night and this led to uproar. Somewhat justifiably since he is a proven bigot and leads a political party whereby you have to be white to be a member. It's like he misread the Wimbledon dress code as a young boy and spiralled out of control. So in theory that criteria invalidates them as a truly credible party and perhaps has no entitlement to participate in a serious debate.

But despite being on Question Time, serious debate was at times hard to come by. On the panel was Jack Straw, who must have been delighted he wasn't the bad guy for a change, Bonnie Greer, who without being rascist here was purely on the panel because she was black and could rant at him as much as she liked, smacking Griffin in like a verbal pinata, and it wasn't just her everyone was in on it, which at first is good fun watching him squirm but then on reflection it really was an adult recreation of the smelly kid in class getting a beating, you laugh along because it's a natural instinct in us that makes us bully without knowing.

Before I go on I'd like to say I in no way defend Mr. Griffin or his beliefs and his party. They stupidly believe in claiming back what is a nation that belongs to no-one, white or whatever. If you took their ancestors going back far enough, you'd probably discover they're all either Roman, Viking or French! On the surface what they stand for may make sense to some, especially as white brits are much like the once favoured sibling now graduated and left to their own devices, but in reality the BNP core objective verges on sheer bond-villainry.

Yes immigration is a problem, Britain is a small country packed to the rafters and the generosity granted to many who gain asylum or employment is often detrimental to those born in the country and not given proper support from what is a greedy and complacent government. But what makes our country brilliant is that as a percentage we all know right from wrong and have ethics and morals that set us apart in the world. We are a multi-cultural society and have been for a very long time, the only difference is that we have added further cultures and that I think is a good thing! What the danger is is (hate when you have to put two of the same word together and it never looks right) that we take on too much, the people that form the backbone of the country get neglected and we lose our identity as a nation, instead conforming to a mish mash of others in a horribly awkward P.C. manner. This isn't a need for more white people (we've got half of Poland at the moment) just a respect for values that are already in place and not a shifting of what some hold dear to satisfy some immigrants who perhaps expect too much from our soft gov't.

But anyway I've wandered off again, well so Nick Griffin got a lynching and while i'm not sympathetic towards him, such was the barrage, people actually do feel sorry for him and that is what in retrospect is so gloriously stupid of all involved in that program. What would've worked perfectly well would've been a normal line of questioning to all panel members; Griffin included; and then as debates go on he appears as he is, bumbling, narrow minded and out of his depth. Instead everyone ganged up on him, yes he is a hated man for reasons that are self explanatory, but such high profile exposure will only lead to converting those who had no opinion and to be honest i'd rather they didn't, for the sake of him gaining more power I'd rather some were totally ignorant and non-plussed by him, just some ugly bloke talking out of his arse like all the others..

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Dust off the Keyboard...

Sunday 1st March
Phil writes a blog



I'd like to say I went travelling, backpacked around asia, climbed a mountain, sample many exotic foods and cultures. But I haven't.

I have spent the last (wait while I count) seven months, working hard for no bonus except the odd pat on the back and well done, working hard on my relationship, which is alot more work than I realized it would be. It's led me to doing grown up things like bying a throw from BHS and learning to cook risotto as well as scrutinizing the cost of petrol constantly and I don't even own a car. Money has been particulary scarce and I've experienced the credit crunch from both sides of the fence, struggling in a company underperforming plus watching and occasionally helping my girlfriend find a job. Each month is tougher than the last, from Walkers crisps, to Tesco own brand to Tesco value. Dark times..

As for my hobbies, writing hasn't so much as taken a backseat but disappeared entirely, my website, despite a nice asthetic update by Mike I have left untouched and dormant. I may never rediscover what it was I liked or what drove me to do it, but I may blog more if the mood takes me, never to a pattern or subject. So if you've ever read anything on here before thank you for taking the time and if you like what I do or just like picking on my bad grammar and tedium then you might find more here on my facebook page and on my site, maybe/perhaps/possibly/I'm sure

Other things of note
* Risotto is very nice and cheap to make
* Tesco clubcard double points are sexy
* Up is very good, Pixar are ace
* Never tell your girlfriend another woman has just eyed you up
* Conditioner, while not very manly, is essential if you wish to grow your hair out a bit
* Football Manager 2009 is still a ruiner of lives, but one of the greatest drugs money can buy, roll on 2010....