Monday, 23 February 2009

For the Sake of it

Well call this a very forced and possibly bad blog entry but I'm determined to get something down just to try and get myself back into the swing of things.

Erm let's start with last night's Oscars! Very happy Slumdog Millionaire won lots of awards, not exactly the masterpiece everyone keeps saying it is but hey ho it was nice to see a small film do well. I felt sorry for Mickey Rourke who I was rooting for best actor, not just for his great performance but because The Wrestler was a great film and deserved a lot more nominations. Not only did he lose but he lost to Sean Penn, great actor yes but serial Oscar baiter and it felt like his win soured what was a great show for the underdogs. Hugh Jackman was a left-field host choice but he turned out very classy and old-school, his jokes were ok and the guy moves well in a tux. Shame though that his decent singing got blown out of the water by Beyonce and her ever expanding hips. I swear she's packing immigrants into those dresses.

Speaking of dresses it's customary no matter how masculine I feel, or not, to pass judgement on the red carpet gownfest of women. To be honest most of the biggest stars looked bloody awful, apart from Kate Winslet. Tilda Swinton however daring and kooky and well respected she is, just simply looked like she'd turned her outfit last year inside out and cut it in half. Not necessary a bad thing until you factor in last year she wore a bin liner.

Anyways not been writing much lately, been taking some time out of work and spending it with my girlfriend. Plus I knackered the tendons in my hand at work so sometimes it's just plain painful. The early part of a relationship always seems to be the most exciting part (the only part I really know to be honest) and despite my creative train of thought completely derailing, she's indelibly marked herself in my life in such a short space of time and made me as happy as I've ever been. Since the year began it has lead me to question many things, the first hurdle was love and a split heart and now that is resolved I'm now questioning what is it that really makes me happy?

I've always been interested in writing and to an extent it can make me happy, it's fulfilling to finish something no matter how small and to create things that somebody else, even if it's just one person says they enjoy. It's a nice feeling, but the actual process of writing itself becomes laborious at times. I struggle with technical thought on structure and only finish about 10% of the ideas I have, often becoming disillusioned and unable to find suitable endings. Almost anything I write never stands up to my own scrutiny and to be honest the time I've spent not writing in the last month has been a very happy time, besides my actual job of course. Does this mean I really have another calling in life and that for my mental health I should jack it in? Or should I find a way to organize my brain to accommodate my passions and to just carry on and start using the people around me to get involved in what I do. Things to ponder....

Also on side notes:

* Don't try any of the limited edition Walkers flavours they are all horrid
* Lady GaGa is also horrid, both in her music and perhaps as a person (maybe she isn't I'm just guessing)
* Wearing sweatbands can make you look younger and stylish while also improving your circulation
* The colour purple suits me a lot better than I thought it would.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

10 Things you didn't know about Billy Joel*

*Because they may not be true

1. Billy Joel is a hermaphrodite.

2. Billy Joel is only four inches tall, but gives off the illusion of being taller by walking around behind a thin sheet of magnified glass.

3. Billy Joel reacts violently whenever confronted by a blender. For this reason he is banned from all branches of Currys.

4. Billy Joel has a great passion for rap music. So much so he recorded a whole Cold War rap concept album. The only song that survived was 'We Didn't Start The Fire'.

5. Billy Joel is a Decepticon.

6. Billy Joel writes the jokes on the back of Penguin bars.

7. Billy Joel sleeps in the River of Dreams and always wakes up sopping wet.

8. Billy Joel doesn't like knife crime, he finds his music is a much better tool for punishing the weak.

9. Billy Joel's voice once made The Pope cry. He apologised but The Pope said 'It's ok they're happy tears'.

10. Billy Joel isn't actually Billy Joel. Neil Diamond is.